Hear Women ReBOOT alumni tell of their experience on the programme, the challenges they overcome
and what it's like to step back into the tech sector. 

Feeling inspired to follow in their footsteps?

Linda Browne, Microsoft
Andrea Crofts, Mastercard
Amanda Evans, Datalex
Mary Gorman, Mongo DB
Facebook Live event featuring Women ReBOOT participants
Facebook Live event broadcast in April 2018, featuring three ReBOOT participants in conversation with host Sinead Ryan. Learn about their experiences on the programme and what it's like to return to work in the tech sector after a career break. 
Stories from the first programme

After 14 years away from the tech sector, Deirdre was keen to get back to work. “I had stopped working in 2003 after my now 14-year-old was born, so I was not clear what the route back into the workforce would look like".....

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“Hearing real-life stories from relatable women was pivotal in helping me to gain confidence and self-belief again,” says Irene who completed her work experience
with S3 Group.....

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A great CV, a strong work ethic, and an eagerness to learn, can land you the job but the process of returning to work after a long career break can be very daunting....


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 "I cannot begin to explain what Women ReBOOT has done for me! It has increased my confidence, given me new skills and a renewed attitude of possibility. It completely changed my outlook towards going back to work. Through Women ReBOOT I have a new job and more importantly I know I can do this job well. I'm not sure I would have said that before starting the programme" Gillian, Women ReBOOT participant on her new job with Version 1.

"The workshops were excellent, particularly the very honest stories from women returners. It was also very good to get an insight from recruiters and other people working in the sector. The clear message was that the gap in my CV wasn't necessarily an issue and that my previous experience was still relevant" Deirdre, Women ReBOOT participant.

"When I read the initial article on Women ReBOOT, it completely resonated with me. I felt the author completely understood me in a way I hadn't even understood myself. Even applying for the programme was a challenge for someone who had been out of the workforce for 10 years. Three months later I can't tell you the difference in my confidence levels and how much more prepared I feel about returning to the workforce. It's been amazing and life-changing." Caoimhe, Women ReBOOT participant