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The training schedule of the Software Skillnet is driven by our member companies.
All courses which are selected for our schedule are grant-aided by the network. Grant aided rates are shown in 'Network Member Fees' on the course listings.

Training providers are selected through a competitive tendering process to ensure that the highest quality and best value for money trainers are appointed. The Software Skillnet Steering Group oversees this process.

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The development of new programmes to meet company requirements (for any group of employees or management) can be discussed by contacting us.

The list of programmes below are a sample of the courses requested by our member companies in the past. These have been delivered by the network and provided at grant-aided rates.

If your company is interested in any of these courses or would like other courses to be added to our course schedule this year, you can Request a Course.

Course Name No. of days Course Summary
Advanced Negotiation Skills 1 This workshop is for those seeking to develop their advanced negotiation skills within a Support environment. This workshop is suitable for Technical Professionals, Customer Care Representatives, Technical Support Engineers and Analysts.
Advanced Photoshop CS5 2 This course will cover areas such as scalable vector graphics, Smart Objects, Masking, Actions, Integration with other Adobe Applications, Photomerge. This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to take their existing skills to the next level. We would also recommend this course for anyone wishing to take the ACE in Photoshop qualification
Agile Business Analysis 3 This course focuses on how business analysis fits into an agile development process and is suitable for Business analysts, senior developers and product owners.
Application Development with Google Android 3 This course is suitable for developers and architects who will be developing applications for Android devices. The course teaches delegates the architecture, API and techniques to create robust, high performance and appealing applications for the Android devices. It also deals with the server side architecture which makes the class ideal for enterprise class businesses.
ASP Net with c# 4 This course provides a practical hands-on introduction to developing Web applications using ASP.NET 4.0 and C#. Delegates should have experience in programming, some knowledge of XHTML and experience in a language such as Visual Basic, Java, C++, VBScript or JavaScript. Knowledge of JavaScript is recommended.
Beginning iOS Development 5 This programme is at developers with previous experience using an object oriented programming language.   The programme will enable delegates to create and unit test iPhone and iPad applications that have a rich and responsive UI, store data securely, interact with the network and exchange JSON with RESTful services.
Better Business Writing – Enhanced Communication Skills 1 This workshop is designed to give delegates an understanding of written communication in delivering the core message of the company brand. It will present the techniques to create emails and documents with a clear, logical structure to organise their ideas and key points.
Biztalk Server 2010 5 This course incorporates developing applications using BizTalk Server 2010 and BizTalk Server ESB Toolkit.
Building and Deploying Enterprise Applications Using Java EE and JBOSS 3 This course covers the administrative tasks that are required to administer the new version of JBoss AS. The course has been created by experts in the JBoss AS. It will demystify the many new capabilities and structure of JBoss 7, and leave delegates well prepared to manage JBoss AS installations.
Certified Scrum Product Owner 2 This two-day interactive course equips delegates to become effective Product Owners. Delegates will understand how to leverage Scrum to optimise value creation and customer satisfaction. This course includes international accreditation from Scrum Alliance as Certified Scrum Product Owners.
Certified ScrumMaster 3 This course will prepare delegates with skills required to gain certyification from Scrum Allliance as a ScrumMaster. It includes class room study, exercises, pair discussions and real-world trainer experiences and how to coach a Scrum project. It is led by a highly experienced international ScrumMaster
Customer Focused Mediation Skills 1 This programme is suitable for people involved in customer care, technical support team staff members within a software company. The course covers the knowledge and application of the mediation process and includes all the components and techniques involved.
Customer Services Relationship Management 1 This course is aimed at Technical staff, Business staff and Executives. The course will provide delegates with an overview of best practice 'Customer Service' and relationship strategies who work on the implementation of large scale projects.
Database Fundamentals 3 This three-day MTA Training course helps delegates prepare for Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-364 and build an understanding of Core Database Concepts, Creating Database Objects, Manipulating Data, Data Storage, and Administering a Database.
Developing AJAX Applications 2 This course enables existing developers to program using the features of JavaScript. There is a strong emphasis on writing maintainable, cross browser code and avoiding common. Delegates should have 3 or more years programming experience in at least one of the following languages -Java, C#, C++, Perl, Python and Ruby.
Difficult Situation Handling 2 This two day course is suitable for delegates on the front line of customer service within a Technical Support environment. Those in the area of customer care, technical support engineers and analysts within a Technical Support Environment will benefit from this training course.
Getting Lean using Kanban 2 This course will concentrate on using Kanban as the lean methodology for software development.  It will explore all the tools and practices including, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Indicators, Metrics, WIP, Explicit Policies and Feedback Loops.
How to deliver a Pitch Perfect Presentation 1 This course focuses on presentation skills for conference events where presentation is key. It is specifically designed for technical sales staff to maximise the delivery of a presentation and its content for impact and results.
Introduction to Agile and Scrum 2 This course provides delegates with the competencies and skills required to effectively work on Agile/Scrum teams. It combines the processes, people and technologies for a successful Agile/Scrum delivery. This course is suitable for Project Managers, Team Leaders, Developers, Testers, DBAs, Business Analysts and project support personnel.
Introduction to Gradle 2 This course is aimed at delegates who are proficient with a JVM language (Java, Groovy, Scala or Clojure) with at least one years’ experience developing applications in industry. The course will enable developers to manage builds with Gradle, extend the tool to shorten and simplify the deployment process and use Gradles power features to explore new forms of software development.
Introduction to HTML 5 No 2 This course enables experienced developers to make use of all the features in HTML5 and related specifications. Delegates should have experience of web application development such as JEE, ASP .NET,Ruby on Rails or Django.They must be very familiar with HTML4 and/or XHTML and the fundamentals of programming in JavaScript.
Introduction to Visual Basic 6* 3 This 3-day course introduces delegates to the fundamentals of Microsoft Visual Basic Version 6. It is designed as a primer for developers and consultants intending to utilise Microsoft Visual Basic to develop Client/Server Database applications,web based applications, and/or Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/Project) applications.
ISTQB Foundation in Software Testing 3 This introduction to software testing provides delegates with the expertise to undertake the ISTQB examination for the Foundation Certificate. It delivers the syllabus to enable delegates to achieve the ISEB/ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing. This course is suitable for Testers, Developers, Systems analysts, Project leaders, Users and Data administrators.
ITIL Service Management Essentials V3 3 This 3 day course provides IT Managers and Practitioners with a practical understanding of the key concepts, principles, processes and functions that enables successful IT Service Management provision. It also prepares delegates for the ITIL Foundation Certificate Examination. The course is based on the ITIL best practice service lifecycle approach.
Java 5 Programming 5 This 5-day workshop is designed for delegates who are recent graduates with some experience of Java during their university courses. The course covers the more advanced aspects of the language such as generic types, reflection. Experience in a programming language is beneficial but not essential.
Java 8 Update 2 Aimed at delegates who are proficient in Java 7 and who have a few years industry experience in developing, this course will enable Java Developers to to understand the full range of features arriving in Java 8and to start using them immediately.
JavaScript and Web Apps 3 This course will cover the main technologies in modern web app design:  HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.  It will equip delegates to build robust, efficient web apps that are well architected and easy to maintain. The skills learned will be applicable within any modern web development environment, and the web app techniques will work across all modern browsers and every mobile platform.
Linux Fundamentals 3 This 3 day programme combines the necessary fundamentals of the Linux operating system with hands-on practical exercises. It gives participants an excellent grasp of the Linux environment from the basics, to interrogating files and using the network.
Linux System Administration 3 This 3 day course is designed to give delegates a comprehensive understanding of Linux systems and their configurations using RedHat Enterprise Server 5. A highly practical course giving delegates the chance to set up their own Linux systems and networks. Delegates should have a good knowledge of Linux from an end user perspective.
MS Sharepoint 3 This course is intended for IT professionals who are experienced Windows Server 2003 or 2008 administrators and are interested in learning how to administer SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Online. The course is also intended for part-time Business Application Administrators (BAAs) who are engaged in administering Line of Business (LOB) applications in conjunction with internal business customers.
OO Javascript 2 The course enables existing developers to program using all the features of JavaScript, manipulate the DOM tree within an HTML document, validate information entered into HTML forms and send asynchronous requests to the server via XHR. There is a strong emphasis on writing maintainable,cross browser code and avoiding the common pitfalls associated with scripting languages in general and JavaScript in particular.
Oracle SQL Tuning 2 In this course, International Oracle author, trainer and expert, Dan Hotka will illustrate coding techniques that ensure a consistent response time between instances and releases of the Oracle database. It focuses on performance tuning of actual SQL statements, as well as covering a variety of Oracle Server tuning topics.
Perl Fundamentals 4 This course introduces delegates to the basics of programming in the Perl environment. It is suitable for delegates who need to use Perl on a daily basis or those wishing to gain an understanding and good grounding in the fundamentals of Perl programming.
Perl Intermediate 3 This Perl course is designed for delegates who have attended an Introduction to Perl course or have had some experience with Perl. The course work is based around a 50/50 approach to lecture and practical work giving the delegate the chance to really work with the system and see its potential.
PMP Bridging Programme to 5th Edition 2 This PMP® exam preparation course supports delegates from the PMP® application process right through to success at the PMP® certification exam. This course explores the new material in PMBOK 5th Edition and revises the core material for the PMP exam. Delegates will get post-course support and have unlimited access to a PMP Exam Simulator
Programming with Python 2 This course commences with the fundamentals of Python- statements, variables, comments, conditionals and loops then goes on to study Python's collections - Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries. Functions, modules and packages are then covered, as is the use of and creation of data types (objects)in Python. Object oriented principles and capabilities arebuilt in to the Python language, and the course explores how these can be exploited most effectively.
Programming with Scala 3 This course provides a high speed introduction to Scala for experienced Java developers. Delegates will be able to write and test JSE applications using all the features of the Scala language. Delegates must have a minimum of three years commercial Java programming experience.
Project Management for new Project Managers 4 The programme will give a strong foundation in the Project Management framework and arm delegates with the skills to lead and deliver projects.   The course will use the methodologies based around the Project Management Institute PMI® fifth edition and is aimed at delegates who have not yet acquired the necesary experience to sit the PMP certification.
Ruby and Ruby on Rails Quickstart 5 This programme is for experienced developers and will cover everything to start using Ruby in production applications. The complete syntax of the language, detailed discussion of patterns, idioms and programming styles will be included along with the introduction of the full Ruby 'technology stack'.
Scrum and the Team Member 3 This course will cover the Scrum Framework and the techniques associated and how they apply to the Team Member. There will be hands-on learning experience with delegates given the opportunity to explore how to apply the concepts and discuss what these mean in the context of their own work. Delegates will have a better understanding of Scrum and Agile concepts for each team member.
Secure Coding with Python 2 This course covers the fundamentals of Python - statements, variables, comments, conditionals and loops. Python's collections - Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries. Functions, modules and packages are covered, as is the use of and creation of data types (objects) in Python. Object oriented principles and capabilities are built in to the Python language, and the course discusses how these can be exploited most effectively.
Selenium 2.0 2 This course is aimed at testers or developers keen to explore Selenium, Cross Browser automation and Open Source test tools. Delegates will understand how to configure selenium and automate tests against a web application across multiple browsers. It is recommended (although not essential) that delegates have a coding background in either Java or C#.
Spring Framework 5 This course is for java developers who need to be able to build enterprise Java based applications using both Spring and MVC technology. It enables the experienced Java developer to use the Spring application framework to manage objects in a lightweight "IoC" (inversion-of-control) container; to create simple and complex web applications; and to manage persistent objects using Spring's support for DAOs and transaction control.
SQL Programming with Dan Hotka 2 International Oracle author, trainer and expert, Dan Hotka, will illustrate coding techniques that ensure a consistent response time between instances and releases of the Oracle database. He focuses on performance tuning of actual SQL statements, as well as covering a variety of Oracle Server tuning topics.
Succeeding with Agile and Scrum 1 This intensive one day course will provide delegates with an introduction to the Scrum Framework, Test First Development, Continuous Integration and Incremental delivery.
Team Leadership 2 This 2 day Team Leader Training Course will take delegates through the various roles and responsibilities of a team leader. Delegates will learn how to lead teams in a confident manner, win respect from other team members and learn how to communicate in a positive way.
Test Automation for Test Professionals 2 This two-day workshop gives delegates an understanding of the most commonly used automation tool in a testers portfolio – the GUI-based functional test tool. This course is suitable for delegates who have been tasked with the creation or maintenance of a Test Automation Framework or an Automated Test Suite.
Test Driven Development (Java) 2 The course is a practical course on test-driven development. The course is based on lecture material, demonstration, discussion and hands-on labs.
Time Management using MS Outlook 1 Delegates will learn key principles of time management and how best to use MS Outlook to give total time management solutions that integrate communications, tasks, activities and planning. This course is suitable for any staff looking for ways of improving their work schedule and overall time management.
Transact SQL, Query Performance and Optimisation for Programmers 2 This two day course covers how to write Transact SQL queries, understand best practice techniques in writing queries, use tools to assess performance of queries and optimise queries.
UNIX/Korn Shell Scripting No 3 This course enables programmers to write UNIX Shell Scripts which include console I/O, text manipulation, arithmetic, process control and signal handling. Delegates should be experienced UNIX/Linux users and have some previous programming experience, preferably in C, Perl, Ruby, C# or Java
VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage 5.1 5 This course explores installation, configuration, and management of VMware vSphere®, which consists of VMware vSphere® ESXi™ and VMware® vCenter Server™. The beta course is based on prerelease versions of ESXi 5.1 and vCenter Server 5.1. Completion of this course satisfies the prerequisite for taking the VMware Certified Professional 5 exam.
Webservices Development with Java 3 This course introduces the latest methods for developing Web Services in both JEE and .NET. Delegates create Web Services on both platforms and learn how a client from one platform can access a service developed using the other. Delegates must have several years Java and XML experience, preferably gained developing JEE Web Applications. Some prior exposure to C# and ASP .NET is helpful but not essential.