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Neo4J TechTalks over a Pint

Thursday 5th May 2016
6.00 - 8.00pm
4 Dame Lane, Dublin 2
free event
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Learn about graph databases and engage with 
a friendly community of like-minded folks at


Neo4j Techtalks over a pint

Bring your best wits and banter to this evening of

hands-on demonstrations,

show and tell,

expert insights,

your best graph questions,

over pints and nibbles

in the Techbrew pub.


Dmitry Vrublevsky : hands-on demonstration of Neo4j on League of Legends game

In this show-and-tell session, we’ll find out how Neo4j can make us a professional League of Legends player.

First, we’ll import game data into a Neo4j graph.

Then we will push the limits of Cypher to uncover hidden secrets that lie in the depth of LoL.                                                                                


  • Which champions perform best as allies?
  • What is the most efficient strategy to advance your champion?
  • What enemy team setup is the most dangerous?
  • Watch and learn as the game comes under the live scrutiny of graph analysis!


Jim Webber of Neo4j on graph data and fraud prevention

Jim who has the knack of making techtalks fun, will tell several real-life stories, each about some kind of fraud common in financial services. He'll show how each naturally decomposes into a straightforward graph use-case. 

Finance is awash with data, but much of it is discrete items locked up in silos waiting to be joined up to provide insights. Graph data is different: it's joined by default and oozes domain-specific insight.

To demonstrate the power of connected data, we'll explore use-cases using Neo4j and the (now open standard) Cypher query language to showcase just how performant, pleasant and powerful graphs can be, and how the fraudsters need to beware!


Interactive Q&A

Bring along your best graph questions and sharpest wits as we set the world to rights.