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A new era of IoT professionals

Wednesday 10th July 2019 - Wednesday 10th July 2019
2-3 pm
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A discussion with leading technology professionals on the latest trends in IoT and emerging IoT talent. 


IoT is changing the world we live. Many believe that IoT systems will lead to a revolution in terms of how we create and manage workflows and systems. Together with other concepts, such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Machine Learning, IoT will shape the needs we have in terms of talent, mindset and skills.


Through this webinar, we want to discuss the current state of IoT and to present a programme aimed to prepare technology professionals to design, implement and analyse IoT applications and products: Masters in IoT.



  • What is currently happening in terms of connected systems?
  • Why IoT is relevant for Ireland?
  • How do we prepare as technology professionals to create smart products and how do we interpret the data we gather through IoT?

Hear from expert speakers followed by open discussion.

Moderated by Paul McManus, Programme Manager, Technology Ireland Software Skillnet.

MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology (IoT) is being sponsored by the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet and developed and delivered by Dublin City University (DCU). It aims to provide a pathway for existing ICT professionals and those wishing to convert from associated disciplines to acquire the necessary skills to pursue careers in the IoT technology and applications domain.

Learn more about our Masters in IoT!
  • Derek Molloy is an Associate Professor in the School of Electronic Engineering at DCU. He lectures in Connected Embedded Systems, Object-oriented Programming, and Digital & Analogue Electronics at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. His research interests are in the fields of Embedded Systems, Computer & Machine Vision, Graphics & Visualisation and e-Learning. We are delighted to have Derek on hand to discuss our new Masters in IoT Programme available through the Technology Ireland Skillnet.