DataStax Academy: Apache Cassandra: Core Concepts, Skills & Tools

DataStax Academy: Apache Cassandra: Core Concepts, Skills & Tools
Start Date3rd November 2014
Course CodeSS889
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Duration3 Days
Network Member Subsidised Fee€970.00
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Programme Overview
This course teaches the fundamentals of Apache Cassandra 2.0 architecture,installation, configuration, administration, basic data modelling, and tools.

It serves as the foundation for other DataStax training courses.
Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Participants who take this course will gain an understanding of:

  • What is meant by Big Data
  • The evolution of Apache Cassandra
  • Understand common use cases
  • Installing & operating Cassandra
  • Data modelling in CQL
  • Using Cassandra tools
  • Cassandra read/write internals
  • Cassandra Troubleshooting
Who should attend

Administrators and developers seeking to use Apache Cassandra 2.0. This course serves as a foundation and prerequisite for other Data tax Training courses.




Prior software administration or development experience
Course Content

Introducing Big Data and Cassandra

  • Understand Big Data
  • Describe Apache Cassandra
  • Understand common use cases
  • Survey the Cassandra architecture

Installing, configuring and running Cassandra locally

  • Prepare the operating system
  • Select and install a Cassandra version
  • Configure Cassandra for a single node
  • Start and stop a Cassandra instance

Introducing the Cassandra Data Model and Cassandra Query Language

  • Describe the Cassandra data model
  • Introduce cqlsh
  • Describe the DDL subset of CQL
  • Introduce DevCenter
  • Describe the DML subset of CQL
  • Understand basics of data modelling for Cassandra

Introducing Cassandra tools

  • Configure nodes and clusters using CCM
  • Introduce and use clash shell commands
  • Introduce and use nodetool
  • Populate and test nodes using cassandra-stress
  • Identify additional Cassandra tools

Understanding Cassandra’s internal architecture

  • Understand how requests are coordinated
  • Understand replication
  • Understand and tune consistency
  • Understand how nodes communicate
  • Understand the system keyspace

Working with the Cassandra write path

  • Understand how data is written to the storage engine
  • Understand the data directories

Working with the Cassandra read path

  • Understand how data is read from the storage engine
  • Introduce anti-entropy operations
  • Read data from Cassandra

Understanding Compaction

  • Understand Cassandra Compaction and its necessity
  • Choose and implement compaction strategies

Introducing hardware planning and troubleshooting

  • Introduce best practices in hardware implementation
  • Introduce troubleshooting resources
DigBigData awards a certificate of completion on behalf of DataStax Academy.
About the Trainer
Niall Milton is CTO of DigBigData Ltd., an Irish based Big Data Consultancy. He is a DataStax Apache Cassandra MVP for 2014 and is heavily involved in evangelism
for Cassandra as the organiser of the Dublin Cassandra User’s Group. He is fully certified with DataStax as an Apache Cassandra trainer.

Niall works in Enterprise on Big Data projects to bring Cassandra and Hadoop systems into production use.

Working exclusively in the Cloud & Big Data space for the past number of years he brings a deep knowledge of cloud technologies and scalable architectures.