SQL Foundation

SQL Foundation
Start Date2nd October 2018
Course CodeSS18-74
Full Fee
Duration2 Days
Network Member Subsidised Fee€650.00
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Programme Overview

This course will cover different features of the SQL Language, give an overview of all the language, cover some business scenarios, and provide hands on exercises to reinforce the concepts.

This Foundation level is intended to help you write queries/subqueries, combine multiple queries into a single query using SET operators and report aggregated data using group functions
Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
  • To enable individuals to query and manipulate data within the database, use the dictionary views to retrieve metadata and create reports about their schema objects. 
  • To help individuals to write queries/subqueries, combine multiple queries into a single query using SET operators and report aggregated data using group functions.
Who should attend
This programme is aimed at those moving into a database role or those moving to SQL.
Course Content
  • Development Tools

    • Overview SQL Developer
    • Writing queries SQL Developer

    Introduction to Oracle database

    • Overview to Oracle Architecture
    • Discuss the basic design, theoretical, and physical aspects of a relational database
    • Describe the data set used by the course

    Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement

    • Capabilities of SELECT Statement
    • Basic SELECT statements
    • SELECT all columns
    • Column Aliases
    • Retrieving Distinct Values
    • Literal Strings
    • Introduction to SQL Operators
    • DESCRIBE statement

    Restrict and Sort Data

    • WHERE clause
    • Comparison operators and logical operators
    • Rules of precedence for comparison and logical operators
    • Character string literals
    • Date queries
    • Use of functions in the WHERE clause and performance considerations
    • ORDER BY clause
    • Substitution Variables

    Single-Row Functions

    • Single row and multiple row functions
    • Usage of functions in the SELECT and WHERE clauses
    • Manipulate strings with character functions
    • Manipulate numbers with the numeric functions
    • Manipulate dates with the date functions

    Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions

    • Describe implicit and explicit data type conversion
    • Conversion functions
    • Nest multiple functions
    • Apply the DECODE, NVL, NULLIF, and COALESCE functions to data
    • Use conditional CASE statement

    Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions

    • Aggregation functions
    • GROUP BY clause
    • HAVING clause
    • Introduction of Analytical Functions

    Display Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins

    • Overview of joins
    • Write SELECT statements to access data from more than one table
    • Inner Joins
    • Outer Joins
    • Natural Joins
    • Cross Joins
    • Join a table to itself by using a self join
    • Joining multiple tables

    Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries

    • Overview of sub-queries
    • Define sub-queries
    • List the types of sub-queries
    • Write single-row and multiple-row sub-queries
    • Correlated Sub queries

    The SET Operators

    • Describe the SET operators – UNION, INTERSECT, MINUS
    • Use a SET operator to combine multiple queries into a single query
    • Control the order of rows returned

    Data Manipulation Statements

    • Describe each DML statement
    • Insert rows into a table
    • Change rows in a table by the UPDATE statement
    • Delete rows from a table with the DELETE statement
    • Save and discard changes with the COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements
About the Trainer
Helen Robertson – Helen is a highly resourceful consultant with valuable and varied experience, gained in the database industry, within a world leading technology corporations. Able to use own initiative and work as part of a team. Excellent technical, communication, analytical and problem solving skills. Helen develops and delivers training courses for courses covering all aspects and versions of SQL (including SQL Tuning), PL/SQL and Application Express, delivers all Oracle certified courses in SQL (including SQL Tuning), PL/SQL, Application Express (all versions), SQL Tuning, New Features for Developers (all database versions).