Introduction to Java for Software Testers

Introduction to Java for Software Testers
Start Date27th August 2018
Course CodeSS18-40
Full Fee
Duration5 Days
Network Member Subsidised Fee€950.00
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Programme Overview

This training course covers the core components of the Java Programming Language. The training course is designed to teach programmers of other languages the skills needed to learn how to write robust, industry standard, platform independent Java applications leveraging the power and flexibility of the Java platform. The course can be delivered with a variety of IDEs including Eclipse, IntelliJ or Netbeans as the development environment. The course is taught by Sun Certified Java Programmers.
This course combines lectures with practical exercises that help the delegates to put what they have learned on the training course into practice. The exercises specifically build on what has been recently taught and are built up as the training course progresses.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

• Identify and use the Java primitive datatypes
• Use the Java flow control constructs
• Implement instance data, methods, constructors, and method overloading
• Define the role of an interface, and be able to create and use one
• Be able to implement the Java Collections API using Generics
• Build error handling blocks into applications
• Implement inner classes using Java and identify where they can be used
• Working with Lambda Expressions

Who should attend
This training course is for developers who need to be able to develop applications using the Java programming language. This course is also idea for those wishing to become Sun Certified Java Programmers.
Course Content

Introduction to Java

Java – the basics

Looping and Branching

Introduction to Object Orientation

Introduction to Objects in Java

Working with Arrays

Working with Strings

Packaging Java Classes

Inheritance and Abstraction in Java


The Collections API and Generics


Inner Classes

Lambda Expressions

Error Handling in Java

Working with Files and Streams