Developing MS Azure Solutions

Developing MS Azure Solutions
Start Date10th September 2018
Course CodeSS18-27
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Network Member Subsidised Fee€1,200.00
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Programme Overview
This course is intended for students who have experience building vertically scaled applications. Students will also have experience with the Microsoft Azure platform and a basic understanding of the services offered.
Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Configure and deploy ASP.NET web applications.
  • Creating Azure WebSites from the gallery.
  • Deploying and monitoring Azure WebSites.
  • Creating and configuring Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Describe the relationship between Cloud Services and Virtual Machines.
  • Deploy existing Cloud Service packages.
  • Create and manage a Storage account.
  • Manage blobs and containers in a Storage account.
  • Create, configure and connect to a SQL Databases instance.
  • Identify the implications of importing a SQL Standalone database.
  • Manage users, groups and subscriptions in an Azure Active Directory instance.
  • Create a virtual network.
  • Implement a point to site network
Who should attend
Before attending this course, students must have experience working with the Azure platform. They will also have a general understanding of ASP.NET and C# concepts for the lab scenario.
Course Content

The Developing MS Azure Solutions Course is devided into 12 modules, as follows:

  1. Development using the Microsoft Azure Platform
  2. Establishing a Development Environment using Azure Virtual Machines
  3. Managing Infrastructure in Azure
  4. Web Infrastructure in the Azure Platform
  5. Designing Cloud Applications for Resiliency
  6. Processing Background Logic using Azure
  7. Storing Tabular Data in Azure
  8. Storing Files and Media in Azure
  9. Storing Data in Queues using Azure
  10. Automating Integration with Azure Resources
  11. Implementing Security in Web Applications using Azure
  12. Deploying Web Applications to Azure