Certified DevOps Foundation

Certified DevOps Foundation
Start Date17th September 2018
Course CodeSS18-26
Full Fee
Duration3 days
Network Member Subsidised Fee€925.00
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Programme Overview
The course emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, and automation to improve the workflow between developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows lead to more opportunities to design software and services in a more agile fashion.
Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
  • Objectives and concepts
  • Company benefits
  • Performance criteria and results in the real world
  • DevOps principles
  • Concepts and methods (including the relationship between Agile, Lean and IT Service Management (ITSM))
  • Cultural and organizational considerations
  • Methods of communication and collaboration
  • Methods for automation and technology factors
  • Considerations when changing
  • Challenges, risks and critical success factors
Who should attend
  • Individuals engaged in IT development, IT operations and IT service management. 
  • Individuals wishing to have detailed understanding of the principles of DevOps.
  • IT professionals working in an Agile environment or will do, who need a detailed understanding of the interaction between Agile and DevOps.
  • Individuals who want to understand the cultural changes DevOps entails Course.
Course Content
  • Introduction
  • Exam Requirements and weighing
  • Why DevOps?
  • From a business & IT perspective
  • Stereotypes of Dev and Ops: perception and reality
  • What is DevOps?
  • Goals DevOps
  • DevOps for businesses
  • DevOps principles (The Three Ways)
  • DevOps and other frameworks
  • DevOps and Agile & Lean
  • DevOps and IT Service Management
  • DevOps culture
  • Characteristics of a DevOps culture
  • Organizational Considerations DevOps
  • DevOps stakeholders & DevOps roles & teams
  • DevOps organizational structures & methods
  • Continuous Integration, delivery & deployment
  • Value stream mapping
  • Kanban
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Improvement Kata
  • Deming's quality circle
  • ITSM processes
  • DevOps and Automation
  • Methods for DevOps automation
  • Longevity and tools categories DevOps applications
  • Transitioning to a DevOps culture
  • Implementation
  • Challenges, risks and critical success factors
  • Measuring DevOps successes Certification
DevOps Institute "DevOps Foundation Certificate"