Scala Product Management - Collaborative requirements discovery, engaging stakeholders

Scala Product Management - Collaborative requirements discovery, engaging stakeholders
Start Date22nd May 2015
Course CodeSS15-18b
VenueRadission Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin 8
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Duration1 day
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Programme Overview

Product management requires continuous discovery of high-value product needs. Eliciting and balancing the competing and diverging product views of the diverse stakeholders is essential. 

In this workshop, participants learn to actively engage stakeholders in facilitated discovery sessions. Participants gain an understanding of the essential practices needed to design and facilitate powerful discovery sessions—structured meetings in which a carefully selected group of stakeholders work together to define, create, refine, and reach closure on product deliverables.

Using a lightweight framework, participants learn how to deliver important product management outcomes throughout the product lifecycle. Whether it is collaborating with marketing to define the go-to-market strategy, with sales and other stakeholders to promote and price the product, with strategy to design a competitive intelligence program, or with engineering to define product requirements, you can leverage this collaboration framework to achieve shared outcomes, fast.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Participants use their own case study throughout the day, working in small groups and engaging in whole group reviews and discussions.

In this workshop attendees will:

  • Apply EBG’s reusable 6-part collaboration framework to plan and design their own facilitated session
  • Draft focus questions to kick-start expansive thinking
  • Outline three steps for handling conflict
  • Practice the crucial steps for facilitating decision making in collaborative sessions
  • Differentiate various outcomes of the collaboration framework, e.g., product vision, strategic plans, product roadmaps and release plans, project charter, software selection, process improvement, software requirements

Who should attend

This course will add value to anyone in the following roles: Business analysts, product managers, product owners, project managers, research facilitators, testers, and user experience practitioners. 

Course Content


  • Collaborative discovery sessions
  • Product versus project
  • Benefits and risks
  • Discovery by views


Collaborative Framework

  • Purpose
  • Participants
  • Principles
  • Products
  • Place
  • Process


Collaboration Patterns

  • Decide how to decide
  • Multi-model
  • Wall of Wonder
  • Expand then contract


Good Practices

  • Before, during, after
  • Definition of done
  • Adapt for product domain
  • Retrospect



  • Make the business case for collaborative discovery
  • Finalize and present personal case study plan and design
Other course details

Each delegate receives a manual that includes slides with illustrations, exercises, tips and templates.


Registration takes place at 8.30 am. The workshop runs from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

About the Trainer

Mary Gorman, a leader in business analysis and requirements, is Vice President of Quality & Delivery at EBG Consulting.

Mary coaches product teams, facilitates discovery workshops, and trains stakeholders in collaborative practices essential for defining high-value products. She speaks and writes for the agile, business analysis, and project management communities.

Mary is co-author with Ellen Gottesdiener of Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis.