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About Women ReBOOT

Are you a woman with previous tech sector experience
seeking to return to work after a break?

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Women ReBOOT supports women with tech sector skills and experience to return to work after a career break. Women ReBOOT has now enabled more than 100 women to rejoin the tech sector, stepping back into high-skilled roles in over 40 partner companies

If you previously worked in tech roles such as software developer, tester, project manager, analyst, etc., and/or hold a computer science degree or other relevant IT qualification, we'd love to hear from you. 

Software Skillnet are looking for candidates to participate in its award-winning REBOOT BOOTCAMP!

This accelerated approach will relaunch IT returners to the industry while providing a refresh of technical skills and a reinforcement of core professional skills.  Our approach includes: 

  • 10 days classroom
  • eLearning format 
  • transition into 12 weeks paid work placement in our top technology companies!
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Our approach
Women ReBOOT approach


Women ReBOOT offers 3 key pillars of support:
Women ReBOOT 3 pillars

 On completion of Women ReBOOT participants will have:

  • Enhanced their professional development;
  • Built new confidence;
  • Refreshed their technology skills;
  • Become familiar with today's technology sector;
  • Built a new support network of peers;
  • Expanded their professional network;
  • Gained up-to-date work experience for their CV;
  • Developed their presentation and interview skills;
  • Clarified their new career direction;
  • Met technology sector companies;
  • Had access to open positions;
  • Renewed their excitement for the great opportunities across the sector and their new career.

Women ReBOOT 4 pillarsWomen ReBOOT is fully funded through Skillnet Ireland's Developing Ireland's Future Workforce funding.