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About Women ReBOOT

Are you a woman with previous tech sector experience
seeking to return to work after a break?

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Women ReBOOT supports women with tech sector skills and experience to return to work after a career break. First piloted in 2017, Women ReBOOT has now enabled more than 100 women to rejoin the tech sector, stepping back into high-skilled roles in over 40 partner companies

Women ReBOOT will help to rebuild your Confidence, bring your skills more Current and Connect you with top tech companies offering work placements leading to open roles opportunities.


 If you previously worked in tech roles such as software developer, tester, project manager, analyst, etc., and/or hold a computer science degree or other relevant IT qualification, we'd love to hear from you. Women ReBOOT programmes will run throughout 2019 and are open for applications now.


Women ReBOOT offers 5 key pillars of support:

  • Group seminars to develop confidence, professional competencies and CV and interview support to re-engage with the sector;
  • Technology training through workshops and an innovative online learning platform (Pluralsight) that supports upskilling across thousands of technology learning paths;
  • Industry knowledge with technology sector re-familiarisation and introduction to current roles in the sector, supported by partner companies
  • Individual coaching that supports the women to identify their new career aspirations and develop a personal action plan for returning to the sector;
  • In-company work placement that allows the women to showcase their strengths and familiarise themselves with the working environment following their career break.

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In addition to workshops, classroom training and personal professional coaching sessions, in your own time participants will do online training and carry out a number of assignments individually or with a group. Participants will work on a personal action plan, biography, cv and hone their interview skills, while identifying their strengths and learning how to communicate these effectively to an employer. 

Participants will also meet a range of companies, visit company sites, develop a new professional network and be introduced to roles and companies for work placement.

Women ReBOOT 4 pillars

On completion of Women ReBOOT participants will have:

  • Enhanced their professional development;
  • Built new confidence;
  • Refreshed their skills;
  • Become familiar with today's technology sector;
  • Built a new support network of peers;
  • Expanded their professional network;
  • Gained up-to-date work experience for their CV;
  • Developed their presentation and interview skills;
  • Clarified their new career direction;
  • Met technology sector companies;
  • Had access to open positions;
  • Renewed their excitement for the great opportunities across the sector and their new career.

Women ReBOOT is fully funded through Skillnet Ireland's Developing Ireland's Future Workforce funding.