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About Women ReBOOT

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 Are you a women with qualifications and experience in the ICT sector, who has taken a career break and who now wants to step back into the sector?

Have you been considering a move back into the workplace but are worried about the pace of change in the sector? Are you concerned about outdated technology skills? Do you worry about balancing work responsibilities with family commitments? Are you thinking about that gap in your CV and how employers will view it?


We understand your concerns.

"Women ReBOOT supports experienced and talented ICT women who have taken a career break from the technology sector, to develop the skills and competence to confidently re-engage with technology businesses, with a view to filling current or future open roles” Maire Hunt (Network Director, Software Skillnet)


Our programme, which is free to jobseekers, will support you in taking those first steps back into the sector. Women ReBOOT will:

  • Enhance your professional development at group seminars that support you to develop the skills necessary to re-engage with the ICT sector - including CV preparation and interview skills. You will meet with like-minded women who share your ambitions, concerns and challenges and who can support you in your journey. 
  • Build your confidence through one-on-one professional coaching - helping you to define a new career vision and articulate your own personal action plan.
  • Help you to refresh your skills to reflect recent changes in the technology sector, through an online training platform. and work experience
  • Introduce you to our technology business partners through mentored company workplacements, to help you familiarise with the tech sector of today

What Does the Programme Involve?

This programme directly supports you in taking a step back into the IT sector following a career break. It encompasses 4 key pillars:


  • Peer-to-Peer Networking Seminars – 4 one-day seminars . These seminars will support you to update your CV, to refine your interview skills and to network with industry professionals to find relevant opportunities in the marketplace. They will also enable you to meet with like-minded women who share your ambitions, concerns and challenges and who can support you in your journey.
  • Technology 2 Day Deep Dive – we will support you to understand the changes in the technology sector in recent years. Re-introducing you to the terminology used and helping you to make sense of some of the buzzwords used in the ICT sector. 
  • Coaching and Mentoring - Each participant will receive 4 one-hour coaching sessions from qualified coaches, scheduled over the duration of the programme. These sessions will support you in addressing some of the challenges you may experience to return to work, boost your confidence and self belief, and strengthen your interview skills.
  • Online Learning Platform – we deliver a comprehensive online learning platform through our partners Pluralsight. Through this platform our participants can benchmark their current technology skills and advance through a number of specific technology learning paths. This learning platform can be used at times that work with your current circumstances. Many of the learning paths will be tailored through specific consultation with our participant technology companies so that your learning will be directly relevant to existing market opportunities.
  • In-Company Work Experienc– we have engaged the support of many companies who are seeking talented, professional women just like you. These businesses will offer work placements to applicable candidates.

How Do I Find Out More?


For women interested in hearing more about the programme contact



Feedback from some of our previous participants 

"I cannot begin to explain what Women ReBOOT has done for me! It has increased my confidence, given me new skills and a renewed attitude of possibility. It completely changed my outlook towards going back to work. Through Women ReBOOT I have a new job and more importantly I know I can do this job well. I'm not sure I would have said that before starting the programme" Gillian, Women ReBOOT participant on her new job with Version 1.

"The workshops were excellent, particularly the very honest stories from women returners. It was also very good to get an insight from recruiters and other people working in the sector. The clear message was that the gap in my CV wasn't necessarily an issue and that my previous experience was still relevant" Deirdre, Women ReBOOT participant.

"When I read the initial article on Women ReBOOT, it completely resonated with me. I felt the author completely understood me in a way I hadn't even understood myself. Even applying for the programme was a challenge for someone who had been out of the workforce for 10 years. Three months later I can't tell you the difference in my confidence levels and how much more prepared I feel about returning to the workforce. It's been amazing and life-changing." Caoimhe, Women ReBOOT participant

Feedback from some of our participant companies

"There is a crying need for experienced talent in the software and technology sectors. Many women could perfectly meet this need with some retraining. Their abilities would be a huge asset to companies." Joe Hogan, Openet

"We were very impressed with the calibre of the candidates in the Women ReBOOT participant directory and on the first pass at shortlisting we had 11 on the list. It is very encouraging to see the expertise they have." Carol Teskey, MongoDB

"Considering the resource shortage in IT, and the ever-growing demand for skilled, experienced individuals, Women ReBOOT has presented an impressive group of candidates with invaluable experience across the ICT sector." Riceal McDermott, Business Development Manager, Version 1