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Skillnets Training Networks Programme

Skillnets is an enterprise-led agency which supports and works with businesses in Ireland to address their current and future skills needs. Skillnets fund groups of companies in the same region/sector, and with similar training needs, through training networks.

Skillnets’ main role is the promotion and facilitation of work-based training and up-skilling as key elements in sustaining Ireland’s national competitiveness and economic recovery. The agency awards funding to training networks that in turn provide subsidised training to companies and employees, and free training to unemployed people.

Skillnets was established in 1999 and is funded from the National Training Fund (NTF) through the Department of Education and Skills (DES).

The Training Networks Programme is the main Skillnets programme which supports training across a wide range of industry sectors and geographical regions. Over 60 training networks in a range of sectors and/or regions around Ireland are funded and the Software Skillnet is one of the networks.

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