Postgraduate Diploma in UX Design Postgraduate Diploma and MSc In Product Management
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Postgraduate Diploma and MSc In Product Management

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Designed with a real world focus for busy professionals 
Fees part-funded by the Software Skillnet
Alumni across the technology sector


About this programme

The award-winning partnership with the software technology sector has enabled the development of a curriculum which combines application to practice and learning from theory.


Participants learn from live case studies, visualisation techniques and group exercises. The sharing of experiences and challenges with fellow participants from a diverse range of companies keeps the process dynamic and engaging.


Company-based assignments are embedded in coursework at both diploma and masters level. This serves the needs of the product manager in their day-to-day role by addressing live challenges in the workplace. It also generates an immediate return on investment for participating companies.


To deliver this one-of-a kind learning experience, we have brought together a unique international faculty of renowned scholars, thought leaders, bestselling authors and leading edge practitioners.

 “The immediate application of programme learning to live challenges in the workplace delivered immediate benefits for me and my employer. 

Among the many concepts that  I was introduced to, business modelling  and portfolio mapping were applied in my company with great results.”

Mark Hill, Director of Product Management SAP

Who is this programme for:

  • Product Managers of technology products and services who want to bring their competence to a higher level
  • Product Owners from engineering backgrounds
  • Business Architects and these for translating strategic roadmaps into shorter term deliverable
  • Senior executives leading product management functions
  • Entrepreneurs who want to leverage strategic product management to achieve product success and scale

Programme Modules

  • Strategy and Business Models
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Customer and Market Analysis
  • Business Case and pricing
  • Product Management Systems and Process
  • Strategic Customer Management
  • Leadership and Personal Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Strategic Negotiation and Communication
  • Applied Project
“The lecturers include some of the world’s leading authorities in product management. Now I have the knowledge and the frameworks to backup whatever approach I am recommending, whereas before I might have just gone with gut instinct.”
Aidan Kenny
Product Manager, ding*
"My new-found skills and knowledge will enable me and my team to create even more innovative products that clients will be willing to pay more for.”
Macdara Butler
Senior Product Manager, Mobile Travel Technologies



What do Product Managers do?

The role of product management is to optimise the performance of the product, or product line.


Product managers work at the confluence of the business, the market, and technology and development teams.


Product Managers make a vital strategic and financial contribution to the goals of the company. They are often considered the CEO of the product and are responsible for products across the entire product lifecycle.


Product managers typically come from engineering, technology, innovation or business development backgrounds and typically have a number of years work experience in their market or domain before assuming a product management role.




Further Information

The Software Skillnet will fund 25% of programme fees for successful applicants who are:

  • in employment within enterprise
  • in companies based in the Republic of Ireland

Employees of companies outside ROI can participate at normal fee rates.

Programme Fee      



Grant Aided Fee



DIT award

Postgraduate Diploma in Product Management

Master of Science in Product Management


On completion of the Postgraduate Diploma, participants can progress to a further year of part-time study to achieve an MSc in Product Management.

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Download sample programme schedule HERE 


If you would like to discuss the programme further, contact:

Dr Claire McBride, Programme Director


“The programme gave me the skills to effectively balance product management effort between discovery, design and delivery, as well as influencing my colleagues to achieve the right outcomes in an inclusive and collaborative way.”

Aoife McGivern
Senior Product Manager, Guidewire Software

Among the 110 companies who’ve participated