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O'Reilly Tech Talk - The Learning Imperative is Changing Talent Development

Tuesday 4th December 2018
12:30 pm-1:30 pm
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Why the Most Successful Companies will Innovate in Learning


O'Reilly Tech Talk - The Learning Imperative

In this online webcast learn from O’Reilly Media’s Chief Learning Experience Officer, Karen Hebert-Maccaro how you can support and build programs to help employees learn new skills, become experts, and build the future of your company.

The “Learning Imperative” is forcing organizations to change their approach to talent development. New approaches and technologies to support learners where they are, and when they need it, help organizations to retain and hire in a competitive talent market.

Both individuals and companies are putting more emphasis on learning and development to ensure relevance and competitiveness. The shelf life of a skill set is often less than five years and organizational needs change jobs all the time. To name one example the title, “data scientist”, didn’t exist in organizations before 2008, but today is one of the hottest jobs on the planet.

Approaches to learning must also evolve to meet these needs. Learning and HR leaders need to become ‘architects’ of learning ecosystems creating; access to tools and information at the point of need. Fortunately, technological changes have made learning at the point of need and on the go bot possible and more effective than ever.

This O'Reilly Tech Talk, brought to you in collaboration with Technology Ireland Software Skillnet, provides thought leadership for busy business leaders and learning and development professionals.



About This Webinar Speaker:

Karen Hebert-Maccaro is Chief Learning Experience Officer of O’Reilly Media, Inc. Prior to O’Reilly, Karen was Chief Learning Officer and VP of People Development at healthcare technology and biotechnology companies. Earlier in her career she was a management professor and associate dean at Babson College and WPI. Karen holds a PhD from Boston College, an EdM from Boston University, and a BA from the University of Massachusetts. She is also a CTI Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC).

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This free, live webcast is brought to you by Software Skillnet in collaboration with O'Reilly Media.

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This free, live webcast is brought to you by Software Skillnet in collaboration with O'Reilly Media.  Attendance is free, but booking is essential.

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